Retaining walls add scale and beauty to your landscape. Our landscape specialists will work with you to fulfill all of the aspects of the design. We put together a full scale design to determine placement and height of your wall. We also look into conditions above and below the ground to assess the necessity for reinforcement. We also take into account curves and corners into the design. Your landscape will have an added touch with a brand new retaining wall.

Two types of Retaining Walls

Gravity Wall: Gravity walls rely on their own weight for support. They are held up by the soil that is directly behind them.

Reinforced Retaining Wall: Reinforced retaining walls are held up by a geo grid of soiled that is blocked in a way to help support the wall.

Features we take into account:

Slopes: slopes above or below the wall will add pressure or make the wall unstable. We will do a thorough inspection of the area to determine how to counteract slopes.

Surcharges: Added weight about the wall such as patios, swimming pools, and driveways.

Setback: The amount that you wall leans into a hill. Setbacks provide better stability.

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