A good fertilization schedule is a great factor in the maintenance of both residential and commercial landscapes. At Clearwater Summit Group, our programs include monitoring and controlling insect and disease problems, suppressing weed competition, and rotating applications of water, mulch, and fertilizer to ensure you have the high quality landscape that you desire.

During a consultation, our landscape specialists will determine what type of fertilizer to use, application techniques, fertilizer placement, and application timing. We determine all of these factors based on the type of plant, time of year, desired rate of plant reaction, and theamount of water
it receives.

Our goal is to make sure your plants, trees, and shrubs have a long healthy life and a wonderful appearance.

Factors to look for when considering a fertilization program:

  • Leaf discoloration (pale green to yellow)
  • Reduced leaf size
  • Premature fall coloration and leaf drop
  • Overall delayed plant growth and vigor

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