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Landscape Maintenance Services, Spokane & Coeur d'Alene

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 Landscape Enhancements

 Lawn Fertilization

 Holiday Lighting



 Outdoor Lighting

 Lawn Mowing and Edging

 Tree and Plant Pruning

 Snow Removal & De-icing

 Lawn and Tree Spray

Designing and implementing your landscape can be quite the rewarding process, but without diligent upkeep and maintenance, your investment can soon start to lose its value both aesthetically and financially.
We know that finding the time to give your landscape the attention and care that it requires to look great year-round can be challenging at times, and we want to help. Our maintenance division is equipped to care for and maintain properties ranging in size from large apartment complexes to small, residential gardens and everything in between.

"I think our passion to educate our clients starts with our hiring process. I know when I joined Clearwater Summit, I immediately recognized everyone's common goal was solution based. They weren't trying to meet a sales goal number, or quota, they were taking such care with each project or contract and creating a game plan to fit that client. We don't have a pushy sales program where we upsell services or products, we figure out what is the best choice for our client or the site, and we do all that we can to implement the best solution." 
-- Gabe White

We always try to find the best solution for our clients, whether it be a custom maintenance plan or a certain type of technique or product. Of course we always utilize our local contacts, sales reps, and distributors to help educate us on new techniques and products, but I've found that researching other industries outside of landscaping can be very helpful. In our maintenance department, we often look to the agricultural field and even the local municipalities to see what techniques or products people are having success with. Farmers and government agencies often have more opportunities to test techniques and products and they usually give professional and definitive feedback. For example, our de-icing practices during winter have been improved using information from many state and county Transportation Departments. And we didn't implement these techniques to save a buck, we are doing things just to produce a safer driving or walking surface without over-applying products.

Clearwater Summit puts a big emphasis on keeping its employees educated so that we can educate our clients. The more we know, the better we can come up with the right solution to our customers situation. Landscapes often take time to mature and heal, so I love sharing this one story: Many years ago I was asked to provide a bid for a client to replace over 200 shrubs and trees throughout their entire development because these plants were weak and sickly looking. I proposed we start with a detailed soil test and then make our plan. Instead of replacing all these plants, we were able to create a custom plant health program including soil amendments and micronutrients and we completely turned around the health of those plants in less than 2 years. For merely $400 a year, this Home Owners Association was actually able to fix their problem and not mask it with an expensive plant replacement project!

Here is a list of maintenance services that we can provide to you:

    - Mowing and Edging
    - Pruning and Trimming
    - Tree Removal and Stump Grinding
    - Fertilization
    - Weed and Pest Control
    - Irrigation Winterization
    - Snow Removal
    - Holiday Lighting
    - Hydroseeding
    - Annual Color Planting and Design
    - Property Enhancements
    - Water Features

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